Rubric For Thought

(Rubric for Journal Entries)















*  Can be easily   read.

*  If a picture is drawn it has a caption explain- ing what the picture shows.

Most of the words are legible.

Too many words; cannot be read.  Therefore, the entry is hard to understand.

*Cannot read  enough words to understand the content of the journal.


Time Spent

On Writing


*Student writes/draws for the full time asked.

More than half of the time was spent on the journal.

*Less than half the time was spent on the journal.

*  Very little time was spent on this journal.


Topic Related Journal



*  Student writes/draws only about the journal prompt.

Most of the topic was related to the journal prompt with minor wandering from topic.

Less than half of the time was spent doing the journal prompt.

*  Student writes about the wrong topic.






Journal Format

Student writes complete journal prompt, date and journal number.

*  One of the following requirements is missing:  complete prompt, date or journal number.

Two out of three requirements (journal prompt, date, journal number) were not found on the page.

*Student just answers the journal prompt.