Name ______________________________________________________


What are the parts of an atom?


Lesson Review


Complete the following.

1. The first scientist to suggest that atoms contain smaller particles was _________________ of England.


2. Positively charged particles in an atom are called ____________________________________


3. Bohr proposed that electrons in an atom are found in specific ___________________________


4. Negatively charged particles in an atom are called ____________________________________


5. Rutherford found that an atom is made up mostly of __________________________________


6. The center, or core, of an atom is called the ________________________________________.


7. Surrounding the core of an atom is a cloud of very small particles called __________________.


8. According to Bohrís model, electrons move around the center of an atom in separate ____________ ,much as the planets move around the Sun.


9. Neutral particles in an atom are called ______________________________________________________ .


10. Rutherford found that ______________________________________ are located in the core of an atom.


Skill Challenge

Skills: comparing, classifying

Write yes or no in the correct columns to identify whether each statement is true

for protons, neutrons, and electrons.






1.  Has an electric charge




2.  Found in the nucleus




3.  Positively charged




4.  Moves in energy levels




5.  Negatively charged