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Pamphlet Rubric


Assignment ___________________________________________________________


Performance Criteria                                                           Self                      Teacher


1.  Scientific content is accurate and supports the major sections of the pamphlet.



2.  The format used to lay out the pamphlet is effective for the intended audience.



3.  The pamphlet is creative and interesting.



4.  The writing in the pamphlet is objective, clear and concise, has clear sentence structure and uses descriptive rather than figurative language.



5.  The pamphlet has all the following presentation elements:  words and visuals are easy to see, titles and headings are easy to distinguish , and colors and patterns in the pamphlet are pleasing.



6.  Diagrams, pictures, and other graphics of quality and add to the overall effectiveness of the pamphlet.



7.  References are included and are correctly cited.



8.  There are no errors in the mechanics (spelling and grammar).













Copyright@ 2004 by Corwin Press, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Reprinted from Rubrics for Assesssing Student Achievement in Science Grades K 12. by  Hays B. Lantz, Jr. Thousand Oaks, Ca:  Corwin Press, Reproduction authorized only for the local school site that has purchased this book.