Movie Maker tutorial



  1. save pictures, video  or audio for project
  2. Open Movie Maker. Make a collection of pictures, video or audio for one project
  3. Click on import media and import, pictures, video and audio into your collection
  4. Put into story board view (bottom left corner)
  5. Drag pictures and/or videos into the correct order
  6. Go to timeline view (click on storyboard to see timeline
  7. Drag media to the audio/music/voice portion of the timeline.  Cut where you

would like the audio to end.

  1. Right click on audio/music to cut/paste/ copy, mute, fade in, fade out ect..
  2. Add titles or text to movie
  3.   Add effects
  4. Add transitions
  5. Click file then “Save as” to save project,  Click file then “save” to save project after you have clicked “save as”

13. **** Ready to hand in your project, click file then “Publish Movie”.   Then follow directions.































Helpful Hints:

Save Pictures

·        Right click pictures and save to “my pictures” or “flash drive”

·        Tip: Be sure to remember where you saved your pictures.


Making A Collection

·        Go to collection view if you are not already there. 

·        Right click imported media

·         click new collection folder and type name of project


Add A title


Add A Title Before A Clip


Add A Title on top of a Clip


Add A Credit


Add Effects


Add Transitions


Add A voice over

Narrate timeline (record in timeline view)