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Task:  Create a powerpoint presentation that explains the connection between the three body systems (Nervous System, Endocrine system, Immune System) and Homeostasis.


Division of Work:

Nervous System Expert

Endocrine System Expert

Immune system Expert


What your PowerPoint Needs to have:

1)      Brief overview of the system (ie Nervous, Endocrine, Immune)

2)      A picture of each system

3)      At least 3 key vocabulary words per system

4)      A explanation of what homeostasis is.

5)      Explanation of  how each system maintains homeostasis.


What needs to be turned in?

1)      PowerPoint  (1 per group)

2)      28.2, 29.1, 29.6 vocabulary (each person should have their own)

3)      group quiz

4)      Team points (given each day)

5)      Presentation to class

6)      Worksheet


Individual Test TBA