EM Spectrum, Inc.


You work for a company that produces and sells electromagnetic waves. Your job

is to design a catalog that will persuade customers to buy your products. How can

you use written descriptions and pictures to tell people about the characteristics

of different types of electromagnetic waves?

Suggested Materials

paper glue colored pens and pencils

magazines scissors stapler

 Devise a Plan

1. The products that you need to include in your catalog are radio waves,

microwaves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Each page in your catalog will be devoted to one of these types of electromagnetic

waves. You should include a written description of how the waves can be

used by your customers and tell about any dangers that customers should be

aware of. Each page should also include a picture (either drawn or cut out of a

magazine) that relates to the type of electromagnetic wave being described. In

addition, your catalog should have an introductory section that gives a general

description of electromagnetic waves.

2. Write down several characteristics of each type of electromagnetic wave on a

separate sheet of paper. Then think of a way you could present these characteristics

in a written catalog description or picture. Remember that your catalog

should stress the benefits of the waves so that people will want to buy them.

Be creative.

3. Write your descriptions and draw or cut out and paste your pictures on your

catalog pages. Then staple your pages together to make a booklet.

Analyze and Conclude

After following the plan you devised, answer the following questions on a separate

sheet of paper.

1. An engineer needs some electromagnetic waves to detect cracks in the joints of an

oil pipeline.Which type of waves would you recommend? Explain your choice.

2. A customer doesn’t believe your claim that electromagnetic radiation does not

need a medium. How could you prove that your claim is true?

3. Your company just purchased 10,000 fireflies.