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The Element Advertising Company



       Your team must run an ad campaign for one element promoting its beneficial qualities & uses.  Each team will be given a group on the periodic table.  Each member of the team must research their element and then present their element to their team.  The team will vote on the element that they will advertise. 

      You’re trying to make the community (your school) find your element appealing. Your target audience is the school, including fellow students (throughout the building), teachers, hall monitors, all the way up to and including your principal. At the end of your campaign, a survey will be given to all of my classes that will assess which element has the best public opinion due to your efforts. No one else in the building will have your element; so it's in your hands.


Problem: What are the positive and negative attributes of your element?


Materials: Just about anything that gets your teacher's approval.



1. After you find all of your team members, you must develop a company name and

logo. Your company name and logo must appear on ever ad you do.


2. You must then decide upon jobs that each team member will take on within your

team. See the back of this page for job descriptions and responsibilities. After

you have chosen your jobs, on one piece of paper submit your individual jobs.

Also, make sure that everyone puts their signature on the bottom of the page

acknowledging their responsibility to the company.


3. Then you must follow the list of responsibilities and do your part to promote the

element. It is expected that if at certain times you have fulfilled your job and have

nothing to do, you will help the others within your company.















Job Descriptions of Individual Responsibilities

The group in each class that receives the best public opinion will be graded according to

the criteria that your teacher sets. All individual grades are pending the completion and

quality of the individual work



Position (Job)

                       Job Description      


Your teacher serves this responsibility for all teams.


Must report the entire days progress for the entire group to the

CEO. This is done through a daily log handed in everyday of the

project. This person also serves as group leader and should be

the only person asking the CEO company duties & problems.

The team leader will also be responsible for presenting the

companies total work in a presentation given the final day of the

project. This person also serves all the other personnel when

help is needed (job one).


Financial Comptroller

This person must balance a $50,000 budget for the entire

campaign when the company goes bankrupt, you cannot use any

other materials even if brought from home. This person must

pay everyone in the company a weekly check (2 checks in all)

that comes from the budget. A daily expenditure must be

handed in at the end of each day that is itemized and totaled out.

A final budget must be handed in at the end of the project.


Research and



For teams having 5 members, 2 members may serve this

position. They must each do their own individual work. This

position serves the purpose of data collector. They are to

become experts on all the potential beneficial properties and

uses of the element. They will have to coordinate with the ad

guru when developing ads. At the end of the project, a 3 page

paper stating the benefits and uses of the teams element must

be handed in.

Advertising Guru

For teams comprised of 5 members, 2 members may serve this

position. This person(s) is in charge of all posters, commercials,

flyers, etc.. This person can get help from other members in the

way of ideas and placement of ads. This person is responsible

for at least 3 visual displays that must be in the final















Periodic Table Group












What is interesting about elements in this group





























Your vote for the best element.  Why?