DNA Video Reflection


Paragraph 1

Explain the processes of DNA replication and transcription.  Be sure properly describe all key players (i.e. DNA polyermerase  etc)   



Paragraph 2

Describe the process that you went through to put this video together.  What are your strength and weaknesses of your assignment?


Paragraph 3

What academic expectations, GSESs and applied learning standards were addressed? Did you meet each of them? Why or why not? If you did not, what can you do to improve your assignment?


Science GSES


LS1 (9-11) FAF+ POC -2

Explain or justify with evidence how the alteration of the DNA sequence may produce new gene combinations that make little difference, enhance capabilities, or can be harmful to the organism (e.g., selective breeding, genetic engineering, mutations).


LS1 (9-11) 2

Students demonstrate an understanding of the molecular basis for heredity by


2a describing the DNA structure and relating the DNA sequence to the genetic code.


2b explaining how DNA may be altered and how this affects genes/heredity  (e.g. substitution, insertion, or deletion).


2c describing how DNA contains the code for the production of specific proteins


Applied Learning Standard


1.  Research, in which the student uses information tools and technology to learn and deepen his or her understanding about a topic or area of interest.


2.  Reflection, in which the student reviews past activity and thinks critically about past activities and plans for the future; and Evaluation, in which the student thinks critically about a completed activity or project and uses insights based on the review