Creating A Textbook Page


Task: Your task is to create a textbook page based on your assigned topic.  All categories listed below must be completed.  After reading the textbook page the reader should have a better understanding of the topic. 




1)      At the top of your page you should write a title that you think sums up your textbook page, your name and period.


2)  Using your books, internet and/or class activities answer the following questions in category one on the next page.

a)      Describe at least five facts about your topic.

b)     What is your topic about? 

c)      How does it relate to Science? 

d)     Any neat stories that you can add to create interest about your topic? 


3)  In your textbook page, use ten vocabulary words correctly within your textbook page.  You should:

a)      define the word within the text

b)      the word should be in bold or in color to make it stand out of your text



4)  Include at least one picture that you think sums up what your page is about.  A caption must be written in your own words below to explain what the picture is.


5)  On the side of the page write Guide For Reading in bold on the left side of the page.  Under the Guide For Reading title give two or  three bullets with a word or two that gives the reader an idea of what the text page is about without reading the entire page.


6)  At the end of the page write two questions that sums up what you want the reader to get out of your page.  Put the answer to your question on the back of the page.


7)  List at least two sources for your page on the back of the page.










Wibberg 2006

Warwick Veterans Memorial High School

Grading Rubric






Accuracy of Content

Questions are answered completely and are correct. (Listed above) Additional info. was also provided.

All questions are answered correctly with no additional information.

All questions are answered but a few errors were observed.

Very little effort put into answering the questions.  Not enough information.


Page set up is very attractive.

(pictures, colors, neatness, bold print etc. ) Picture and text draws interest in topic.

A few things are used to make the text page interesting.

There is at least one thing that does draw some interest.

No attempts were made to make the page interesting.

Simplicity for Understanding

Reading is easy to understand.   The vocabulary is explained.  All pictures are explained to fit within the text.

Most of the reading is easy to understand.  All pictures are explained to fit within the text.

Some points are clear but other points are difficult to understand.

The text is too complicated.  Sentence structure is poor and difficult to understand. 

Following Directions

All category information is correctly



All categories are addressed with few errors.

At least six categories are addressed and minimal errors were observed.

At least five categories are address and minimal errors were observed.

Neatness and Clarity

Page is neat, clear and easy to read.

Page is neat, clear and somewhat easy to read.

Page is not very neat and some writing is unclear.

Page is not neat and writing is missing or very unclear.









Wibberg 2006

Warwick Veterans Memorial High School