Chemical Science Mid-term Review


You should study the following chapters chap 1: 1.1, 1.2 & chap 10: 10.1, chap 2: 2.1, 2.1 & Chap. 7:  7.1, chap 3:  3.1, 3.2 & Chap 7: 7.2 & Chap 8: 8.1


****Be sure to study all vocabulary words from these sections.


What you should know:

  1. Matter is classified according to Composition, structure and behavior.  Explain.

(chemistry, matter, mass, properties, quantitative, qualitative, substance)

  1. What is meant by examining Matter the macroscopic view?
  2. What is meant by examining matter the submicroscopic view?
  3. pure substance vs. mixture vs. compound
  4. Physical changes (physical properties)
  5. Two kinds of mixtures:  heterogeneous, homogeneous
  6. solution, alloys, solute, aquaeous solution, solvent
  7. What is an element?  How are elements organized?
  8. Compounds are more than one element. (formula)
  9. How do you identify matter by its properties? (physical properties, chemical properties)
  10. compare characteristics of States of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  11. Density
  12. chemical properties and changes ( chemical properties, chemical change, chemical reaction)
  13. What do atoms have to do with chemical change? (law of conservation of mass)
  14. What do chemical reactions and energy have to do with each other? (energy, endothermic, exotherimic)
  15. What does the kinetic theory of matter have to do with solid, liquid and gases
  16. amorphous material vs. liquid crystal vs. plasma
  17. what were the early ideas about the model of the atom (proustís contribution, the greeks, Daltonís Atomic theory)
  18. Explain the modern view of the atom. (electrons, neutrons, protons, isotopes)
  19. What is the Rutherfordís Gold Foil Experiment
  20. How can you find the atomic number? How about mass number?
  21. Explain the atomic structure through out time. (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohrís Modern)
  22. What do the valence electrons have to do with the periodic table.
What do the energy sublevels and orbits within the atom have to do with each other.