Chemical Science Handouts


Handouts and  Rubrics that are used often

 1.  Create A Textbook Page                                  2.  Sci Lab Report

3.  Vocabulary Sheet                                               4.  Rubric for Journal Entries

5.  Prelab Journal Rubric                                        6.  Pamphlet Rubric

7.  Multiple Intelligence Test                                8.  Movie Maker Handout

9.  District Rubrics                                               10.  Chem. Sci Exam Review



Matter (ch. 1, 10)

Elements, compounds & mixture

October Sky video Lab

Element Advertising

Periodic Table        (ch. 3, 7, 8)

Electron Configuration Wk sheet

Electron configuration directions

Bonding  (ch. 9) Energy (ch. 20)
Atoms (ch. 2, 7)

Atomic theory Project (portfolio entry)

Atomic Structure

Magic Square Atom

Atomic Mass

Atomic STructure History

How electrons are arranged?

Parts of the atom

What is atomic mass?

What is atomic number?

Atom Lab (Nuts and bolts)

Periodic Table

ES Spectrum worksheet

ES spectrum classwork

Compounds (ch. 4, 5)

Chemical Bonding Webquest

Chemical Equations (ch. 6) Gases (ch. 11)
    Chemical Reactions    (ch. 6) Nuclear (ch. 21)