Name  ____________________________________  Date  ____________  Per _____


Science Career Project


Your Career is ________________________________________________________


Your video must include at least 7 of 8 of the following:  Check off your choices in your video.


q       Science Career Title

q       Training/schooling required

q       Possible Places to go get training or to school or apprenticeship

q       Salary

q       Job Description/requirements

q       Skills necessary and/or physical demands

q       websites to view more information

q       other important information


Points Earned

                                                                                    Student Grade     Teacher Grade

Movie is at least 30 seconds long (15 points)



Movie includes at least 3 pictures of something related to the career (10 points)



Title is inserted over at least one of the pictures. (10 points)



Movie includes one video file.  (bonus 10 points)



Movie includes one audio clip.  (10 points)



One title clip are inserted at the beginning which states the Career.  (10 points)



Credits are inserted at the end  (10 points)



Each picture and video includes a transition. (15 points)