The Island Video Questions

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1. What is the name of Ewan McGregor’s character? Lincoln

2. What was Lincoln missing from his drawer?

3. Who is Jordan Two Delta?

4. What is the Island?

5. Who is the first person to win the lottery in the movie?

6. What did Lincoln find in the backrooms of the facility when visiting his friend


7. What happened to the original clones that were kept in a sleeping state? Why

are the new clones trained and tricked to think that they have survived a


8. What happens to Stark weather Two-Delta in the hospital?

9. How do Lincoln and Jordan escape the facility?

10. Who do Lincoln and Jordan go to see for help and what does he give them?

11. What did Dr. Merrick discover about all third generation clones? Why did they

have to be destroyed?

12. Who is Tom Lincoln?

13. Who is Jordan Two Delta’s sponsor?

14. What happened to Jordan’

15. What did Lincoln Six Echo do to trick the guards into thinking he was his sponsor

and avoid being killed?

16. Why does Lincoln and Jordan return to the facility?

17. Why did Jordan turn off the holographic projectors?

18. What happens to the clones at the end of the movie?

19. What is the Renovatio?

20. What did you think of the movie? Do you feel that cloning is ethical? Why or

Why not?

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